Advisors Trust has established affiliations with other professional organizations. Together we deliver valuable services that complement our core competencies such as analytic tools, comprehensive administrative services, proprietary products and resources.

M Financial Group

With more than 140 Member Firms, M Financial Group is one of the nation’s leading financial services design and distribution companies. Since 1978, M Financial’s network of independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms has served the needs of ultra-affluent individuals, corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and Fortune 1000 companies.

SEI Investments

SEI is a leading global provider of institutional and private client wealth management solutions, including asset management, investment processing, and investment operations. SEI helps professional wealth managers, institutional investors and private investors create and manage wealth – enabling their long-term success by providing solutions that are both comprehensive and innovative.

Moran Edwards Group

The Moran Edwards Asset Management Group located in Naples, Florida, is a fee based wealth management firm for private investors. Tom Moran has been ranked by Barron’s among the Top 100 Advisors in the Nation and the #1 Advisor in the state of Florida on their 2017 list of America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors.

Advisory Trust Company

The Advisory Trust Co. is a subsidiary of Wilmington Trust. Founded by T. Coleman DuPont in 1903 in Wilmington, Delaware, Advisory Trust provides directed trustee, trust administration, and back-office services for high-net-worth individuals and families. Working exclusively through professional advisors, they help clients achieve their financial objectives by using the full range of trust resources available under Delaware law.

Pension Planners

Pension Planners is a third party administration firm in Naples, Florida, providing consulting, recordkeeping, actuarial and administrative services for profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit and cash balance plans. Since 1983, they have been helping sole proprietors, small business owners, and non-profit organizations design retirement plans to meet their current financial needs with the flexibility to accommodate their ever-changing goals.

Retirement & Insurance Resources

Affiliated with Advisors Trust, Retirement & Insurance Resources , LLC is an independent benefits firm and member of the M Financial Group – specializing in the design, installation and administration of retirement, insurance and wealth management strategies for large corporations, health care providers and high income individuals.