Advisors Trust Planning and Investment Company, Inc.

An independent Registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 1998. We provide expertise and innovative solutions to facilitate planning opportunities for high income clients.


Advisors Trust is an independent investment advisory firm. We do not accept subsidies, economic contributions or incentives from investment or financial services companies to pay any portion of our operating expenses; enabling us to provide unbiased financial planning and investment portfolio advice.


Advisors Trust began in 1998 as a collaborative effort to offer a depth of resources and wide array of investment and financial services. With decades of experience planning for successful individuals, families and corporations, our range of knowledge, operational strengths and “team-approach” enable us to be highly specialized. Collectively we are able to assist other professional advisors in assessing and making informed decisions about our mutual client’s retirement, wealth management and estate planning strategies. We offer the necessary expertise to help structure the best possible solutions and benefits specifically tailored for you.


Discipline, knowledge and experience enable Advisors Trust to exercise a rigorous process to determine the client’s prioritized objectives. To best match intelligent customized client solutions, we employ a proven plan design process and strive to deliver unparalleled value. How is that?

Saying you are committed to client advocacy is much easier than showing it. At Advisors Trust, client advocacy is the ideal complement to our plans, services and product differentiation. First our proprietary Advanced Choice Technology (ACT) program enables us together to identify your specific objectives. It becomes the foundation for coordinating your cash flow, investment, retirement, gift and estate planning. Our Master Strategy Builder focuses exclusively on your priorities. If plan implementation is desired, we provide competitive pricing advantages to help facilitate the opportunity for sustainable long term performance. Equally important, your performance standards determine the benchmarks that our Advisors Tracking Systems will continuously monitor.

Our Team

Examples of Clients

* The names and identity of all individuals have been changed to protect their privacy.

Retired CEO

Jim loves our planning program The Strategic Planning System. Supported by industry-leading state of the art software, Jim and Nancy can more accurately project cash flow scenarios and organize, monitor and analyze the tax-efficiencies of their assets to ensure they’re making consistent progress.

High-Income Couple

This Midwestern couple largely avoided the anxiety of the 2007-2009 Great Recession. Having previously implemented our Total Return Portfolio Management System, Peter and Ellen continue to enjoy consistent revenue to cover ongoing household and travel expenditures and support family needs despite the near collapse of the world economies. Through lower fees, tactical asset harvesting and lower tax obligations, we help them receive consistently higher net spendable income.

Medical Specialist

The medical specialist who utilizes our in-depth retirement plan knowledge. An orthopedic surgeon, Larry uncovered solutions he hadn’t seen before and solved his restrictive 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan dilemmas. His plan is now more robust – helping him fund a secure retirement through much higher tax-deductible contributions.

Retiring Business Owner

The Minneapolis MANUFACTURING COMPANY OWNER, now semi-retired, changing domicile to Naples. Their CPA referred Bill and Dede to us for comprehensive financial and estate planning. Our Advanced Choice Technology program (ACT) helped them explore what’s possible. Together we determined what’s most important to them; allowing us to focus on the interrelationship of cash flow, income tax, investments, retirement, gift and estate planning solutions.

Self-Employed Professional

Jeanette learned that since our affiliated company Retirement & Insurance Resources, Inc. is an M Financial Member Firm, and we have preferred relationships with leading insurance and investment companies, she has access to our dozens of differentiated M Financial institutional product offerings, designed to be sustainable solutions that exceed expectations.

Affluent Family

Members of the multi-generational Mitchell family have always been responsible for working in their New England family businesses. Their high income has enabled their children to attend the best schools; they have a summer cottage on Nantucket, a winter home in Naples, and support a variety of regional philanthropic organizations. We have worked with one family branch, Howard and Wendy, to establish and fund an insurance trust, additional charitable trusts and a private family foundation with assets separately accumulated during their working years. In addition to the many ongoing benefits inuring to the community, they gained substantial tax advantages and recurring income.

High-Income Widow

Helen is greatly benefitting from our specialty – delivering an array of disciplined fixed income solutions ideally suited for high-income people like her seeking tax-efficiency and safety of principal. We also helped Helen measure how long-term care may impact her retirement is she needs it. She was particularly interested in exploring the latest guaranteed Long Term Care insurance solutions to help protect her from the rising costs of private Home Health Care arrangements and Assisted Living facilities.


Bruce launched his start-up 18 years ago. Having weathered two recessions and now employing 170 people, he still worries about competition and the economy. But in tandem with his other advisors, he utilizes our planning and exclusive M Financial Group innovative resources to confidently address corporate retirement and succession plans and his own estate planning. Bruce is on track to ensure his business a long and profitable lifespan and to attain his personal goals.